APT - Accelerated Program for Transition

The Accelerated Program for Transition was a proposal presented to the Vicksburg Warren School District Board of Trustees in October 2010 for serving the needs of over-age students in the district. The district had nearly 700 students that were two years or more overage in our schools.

Guiding Principles for Project APT
1.    Provide students with a rigorous, challenging and accelerated instructional framework in the four core content areas.
2.    Develop an individual learning plan that specifically addresses the student’s academic weaknesses.
3.    Develop an individual instructional day that benefits the students and school environment.
4.    Provide opportunities for real life application.
5.    Provide opportunities to accelerate students from one grade to the next using a research-based program and an assessment instrument.
6.    Educate students in their strongest learning modality and accelerate their weakest intellectual area.  (Multiple Intelligences)
7.    Provide students with opportunities to support social emotional learning.

Project APT Process
1.    Students are identified in the spring as being two or more years behind their peers.  
2.    Students are selected for the program with input from teachers and administrators.
3.    A meeting is scheduled with parents of selected students during which Project APT program is fully explained.  Students understand that a challenging and accelerated instructional framework means English, Social Studies, Math and Science ONLY.  
4.    If all are in agreement that this is the best placement for the student, a contract/agreement is signed.
5.    Students & teachers collaborate on Individualized Learning Plans.
6.    Teachers teach the Project APT Comprehensive Curriculum.
7.    At the end of the first nine weeks, teachers analyze the growth of students by subject area; analyze attendance records; review the results of benchmark assessments

Project APT Student Objectives
1.    70% of the students in Project APT will promote by passing the appropriate assessment test in core academic subjects.
2.    80% of the students in Project APT will improve their attendance by at least 10%.