Students enrolled in the Dual Credit Program can receive high school credit AND college credit for the course(s) in which they are enrolled.

To be eligible:

1. Students must have completed a minimum of ten (10) core high school units and must have taken the ACT, but no specific score is required. Students with less than ten (10) core high school units may be considered for dual enrollment admission if they have at least a thirty (30) composite ACT score.

2. Students must have an unconditional written recommendation from their high school principal or guidance counselor.

3. Students must complete a new HCC admissions application once they have graduated high school if they plan to attend Hinds that following summer or fall semesters. They should then follow all the admissions requirements of a beginning freshman.

The following are required for dual enrolled students:

1. Submit an official high school transcript.

2. Submit official ACT scores (typically on the high school transcript).

3. Letter of recommendation from their high school principal and/or guidance counselor.

Dual enrolled students may also be eligible to receive dual credit from their respective high schools and earn credit toward high school graduation. Dual credit is available at Hinds Community college for high school students, but it is at the high school's discretion as to whether it will allow a student to receive dual credit toward high school graduation. Students interested in participating in this program need to contact their respective high school counselor prior to enrollment at Hinds.

NOTE: No financial aid is available for dual enrolled students.